The Road Ahead

The interior park road that has been closed at Jester Park since March 13, opened on Friday, June 16! We appreciate your patience while this park improvement project was taking place.

The interior park road leading towards the future site of the Outdoor Recreation and Wellness Center

The nature center site is no longer just full of dirt! Throughout the month of June, work around the building site has continued with the addition of several rainwater detention ponds, along with the grading and paving of the parking lot. Contractors have placed electric conduit to serve the new building and foundation work for the Jester Park Nature Center will begin soon!

A portion of the nature center parking lot being paved

View overlooking the future site and parking lot of the Jester Park Nature Center

The parking lot overlooking Outdoor Recreation and Wellness Center

Jester Park Nature Center parking lot progress

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  1. I noticed that the portion of the new access road, from the main park road, to the new parking lot has been paved. When will the rest of the new road to nw 128th st be paved?


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