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Our Passion for Conservation is Through the Roof!

The roof of the Jester Park Nature Center is currently being constructed! Once it’s completed, more walls and windows will be added leading to the build-out of the inside of the nature center throughout the winter. During December, most of the construction took place on the lower level, including the installation of electrical, plumbing and air handling equipment. Once the roof is completed, the upper level will begin to take shape.

With all talk and focus being on the nature center, we can now shed some light on the Outdoor Recreation and Wellness Center (adjacent to nature center)! Additional concrete paving was added next to the recreation center and minor demolition of the interior of the building is underway in preparation for the full renovation of the interior spaces. This center will house the camp store, rental equipment and much more!

Now that the exterior of the nature center is almost complete, additional effort has been directed towards the design of the pond and streamsca…

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