Paving the Way for the Gateway to the Outdoors

Despite the rain and bad weather over the past few weeks, construction for the Jester Park Nature Center is well underway. Construction efforts are currently being focused on site work around the Nature Center.

Overlooking the Nature Center Parking Lot

Several storm water basins have been built and grading of the parking lot area is complete. The Nature Center parking lot is soon to be paved along with utility work is also underway. Work on the building is set to begin in the next couple of weeks with the footings and drain system. Exciting things are in the works! Below are a few pictures of the construction progress being made at the site of the Jester Park Nature Center.

Culvert on the Backside of the Nature Center Site
Stormwater Basins and the New Road Next to the Outdoor Recreation and Wellness Center
Nature Center Main Entrance Road Leading into the Parking Lot
Overlooking the Nature Center Entrance Road
The Graded Nature Center Parking Lot
Main Road to the Jester Park Nature Center


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