Don't Pass The Buck - Make A Gift Today!

2016 has been dedicated to introducing you to the Jester Park Nature Center, one of the most exciting upcoming projects to hit central Iowa.

We have explored how we can achieve our nation’s great need for future experts in science, technology, engineering and mathematics by simply placing a frog in a child’s hands to help him learn about ecology, anatomy, climate and the interdependence of living things.

We have learned how the Nature Center will cultivate stewardship of this land we call home by educating the public on issues facing our natural resources, and show them how to become active in protecting local habitats.

We have been enticed by the promise for enhanced health and well-being of our community by equipping a family with fishing poles in the summer and snowshoes in the winter. 

We have been shown that creating a place that attracts tourists and adds vibrancy and value to our quality of life will energize our local economy while simultaneously celebrating our region’s beauty, art and nature.

Now is the time for you to make these and many other activities available to yourself, your loved ones and literally thousands of others by making a gift to help build the Jester Park Nature Center today.

You understand how important it is for citizens of all backgrounds to have access to healthful outdoor activities. Yet many do not; we are the only metropolitan area in the state that does not have a nature center. The Jester Park Nature Center will provide a critically needed place for our increasingly urban community learn about, understand, embrace and value our natural landscape and resources. We anticipate the center will double Jester Park's annual attendance to one million eager visitors from across the the county, state and even the nation. 

Activities that nourish mind, body and soul and enhance our environment will occur for more people, more often, when the doors of the Jester Park Nature Center open. This “Gateway to the Outdoors” will benefit people of all ages and backgrounds through education, recreation, community engagement and conservation.  

The Jester Park Nature Center is so much more than a building. It will be a true gateway to positive transformations in our environment, our community and our lives for years to come. We’re close to our goal of raising $10.3 million to construct this 17,000-square-foot facility. Now you have the power to help open its doors as well as countless opportunities for all. Make a gift today. 

Please make your generous donation of $100 or more to celebrate both the future of the great outdoors and the people of Iowa.

 Visit to make your contribution today.


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