Time to Chill Out

It's time to start thinking about some cooler things coming up this year...and I mean cold!

Hello I’m Charlie Finch, and I’ve been a Park Ranger with Polk County Conservation for almost 10 years now. One of the things that gets me through the dog days of summer is thinking ahead to hunting and ice fishing. Getting youth involved in the outdoors through these types of activities is one of my favorite things to do as a Park Ranger.
James Dotzer (a fellow park ranger) and me out on the ice catching a few huge bluegills.

Hunter Education

Acording to the Iowa DNR’s website, "This mandatory program is designed to introduce students to several life-long skills that are important to many different types of outdoor recreational opportunities." In addition to stressing the importance of individual responsibility and outdoor ethics, the course teaches students:
  • basic survival and first aid skills
  • water safety
  • wildlife identification
  • basics of wildlife management
  • hunting laws
  • firearm/archery safety
If you were born after January 1, 1972, state law requires that you get certified in Hunter Education in order to be eligible to buy an Iowa hunting license. While Polk County Conservation staff and volunteers help to facilitate these courses, you can find class details and availability on the Iowa DNR website.
Hunter Education courses are free to the public.

Ice Fishing Clinics

In the winter, Polk County Conservation also offers free ice fishing clinics to the public. These clinics go over ice safety, ice fishing equipment, ice fishing strategies, and rules and regulations. After a brief talk, we set you off on the ice with bait and ice fishing poles to see if you can pull any keepers out of the ice.

Learning the basics of ice fishing with Polk County Conservation.
If you’ve never been before, I encourage you to give it a try. Cold fingers and toes are soon forgotten when there’s a bite on the line!

For more information, look for future dates on our website calendar and the winter edition of Nature News, our seasonal publication.



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