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The Gravesite of DeWitt Devotie

Deep in the woods at Thomas Mitchell Park you’ll find an unusual historical marker that isn’t typically found in a county park. Over 160 years ago DeWitt and Cornelia Devotie and their family arrived in Iowa from New York to farm in the area. DeWitt ended up raising his family here and owned 205 acres. Upon his death he wished to be buried on a hilltop in what is now part of Thomas Mitchell Park.
DeWitt Devotie’s gravesite is still intact in the park today. The gravestone is a limestone obelisk surrounded by a metal wrought iron fence. It is believed the fence was put in place to keep cattle from rubbing and knocking down the gravestone. None of the other family members are buried at this location. 
A symbol of the bible on the front of the gravestone indicates DeWitt was a Christian. The entire inscription reads: DEWITT
Jan. 2. 1869
64 yrs. 2 ms. 2 days.

Left side inscription:
How vain are all things here below.
How false and yet how fair.
Each pleasure hath its poison too.

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