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Winter Bird Feeding

Keeping our feathered friends fed and happy can be a year round activity. Though many birds migrate through Iowa during the spring and fall months, there are many that stick around throughout the entire year. Here are a few tips and tricks to help the brave birds that call Iowa home through the harsh winter months.

Create a bird feeding station near your home. Feeders help reduce the amount of time it takes birds to find food. Bird feeders are especially important in late winter when there is heavy snow and extreme cold. Try to provide a variety of bird seed and different types of feeders to attract as many species of birds as possible.
Different Types of Feeders to Include: Suet FeederPeanut FeederOpen Platform FeederTube or Cylindrical Feeder

Types of Seed to Use: Black-oil sunflower seed (not mixed with anything else) for cardinals, chickadees, nuthatches, & tufted titmice.Thistle seed for the finches.Safflower seed for cardinals (sparrows won't eat it).Peanuts for the blue ja…

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